If you want to use our artwork for a project please give us a call at 973-653-5147 or e-mail us at


If you wish to submit your art for consideration please email us at

Include your:

  • name

  • email

  • website address

  • social networking links

  • a list of any licensing you currently have

  • a list of the shows/cons/fairs you currently vend at

  • a list of the professional conferences you have attended

  • a list of any art associations you are a member of

  • and a list of publications you have advertised in over the past year

Briefly explain your art licensing goals and your reason for considering an artist agent.

If there is a particular licensing opportunity with a specific company that has prompted you query, please explain briefly. 


Please allow 2-3 weeks for a response.

NOTE: Tate Licensing does not offer art critique or marketing analysis for artists. If we decline to sign an artist it means nothing more than we do not feel the artist's work would be a match for any of our current endeavors. Please don't take this as professional discouragement, and keep on making great art!