About tate & Co Licensing

Tate & Co. Licensing is your best source for Fairy, Dragon, Wizard, Witch, Steampunk, & other Fantasy Images for Licensing.  We work with the world's best Fantasy artists.  Not only can we provide you with high quality images, we'll also help you build your brand in the fantasy industry. 

Brand Building

Tate & Company Licensing is a division of Tate & Co.  We are a leader in the fantasy industry.  We have our hand in both the retail and the wholesale side of business which gives us a unique perspective on what is hot and what is not.  We work closely with our partners to grow their business.  With Tate & Co. we don't stop at the contract.  We actively help you grow your market in the industry.  If you're new to fantasy art we will work with you to develop that side of your business. 

Companies we work with

We work with many companies both in and out of the fantasy industry.  Contact us if you are looking to branch out and enter the exciting world of fantasy.